Self Empowerment

I guess everyone has their problems with being self-confident and sticking to their own opinion from time to time. I understand that and you are not alone, we are in the same boat. It can be hard sometimes to pursue something but having people telling you otherwise.

What does Self Empowerment mean?

The meaning of Self Empowerment is easy, everyone we know has their very own and unique strengths and weaknesses. Every day of our life we discover something new in our personality, e.g. how we react to certain scenarios and people. Working with our strengths and weaknesses is something else, we need to accept our traits in order to be successful and set goals. To empower yourself means to take positive choices and to be in control of your own life.

The first thing you can do to be self-empowered is to believe in yourself and your decisions. I know this is not always easy and we all need a little advice from someone else from to time, but we also have the famous gut feeling, which is right most of the time. Additionally, I strongly believe that you should go for something that makes you happy. So let’s say you want to attend a course and everyone around you is telling you not to do it because of whatever reason, would you still do the course? Personally, I’m trying really hard to be independent, make my own decisions but it can be tricky sticking to your decisions when a lot of people are telling you otherwise.

Why is it important?

The question is why is it important to empower yourself? It is simply because we should not depend on other people, especially on their recognition towards us or their opinion on certain things. I know that at some stages in our life we have to decide between two different paths, whether it is your career or something more personal and we would like a second opinion from an outsider. There is nothing wrong with this. But in order to empower yourself and take full responsibility for your decisions,  we must listen to our feelings and our inner voice. We can’t let other peoples opinions guide us through life. We can talk to our family and friends and ask them for advice but in the end, we should listen to our feeling and our own desire on which way to choose.

Choose to be you and to be the best version of yourself daily.



5 Tips on how to be a successful student

School has started and everyone around me seems kind of motivated just like I am. To be honest, I cannot wait to start studying again and of course, I wanna be a great student and have my stuff together. But how do you keep yourself motivated? And what tips are useful? Here are some tips, which are easy to remember and will help you get through the semester and stay focused.

  1. Get organized
    Use a calendar to write down important due dates and check it daily before and after class, you can also use a diary or a little organizer where you write yourself a to-do list for the day or week. However, if you prefer to have a digital calendar or an organizer, you can download an app called Trello on your laptop or any other organizing app you can find in the app store or Google play store.
  2. Sit in the front row
    Now I know this might not work everytime you will be in class but even if it is the second or third row it will have a positive impact on your grades. Sitting in the front row during class can increase your motivation and you won’t get distracted so easily. I know that not every student enjoys sitting in the front row in the lecture room but just give it a try and see how it works for you during the course of the semester.
  3. Study groups
    If you struggle with one subject, create a study group with your friends! It can help you a lot. Whether it is maths, history etc. There are a lot of benefits in a study group, you can prepare for the big test by asking each other questions, reviewing important materials together and solving difficulties together.
  4. Keep your notes sorted in different binders and colors
    Buy yourself different binders for different classes and keep them all in order. It is much easier to collect and organize your notes you make during class in this way.
  5. Ask questions
    You are in school to learn, therefore don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something in class. In the end, it is always better to ask and understand the case than to sit at home and not having a clue on how to do your homework.

I hope these tips will help you survive the school year or semester and I wish you all a nice start to the new school year. 🙂