Je t’aime paris – My trip to Paris


Hello everyone! 🙂

I recently got back from Paris and it is safe to say that I fell in love with this city. Paris owns my heart and I would definitely go back! To see more pictures, visit my Instagram and check them out as well as my Story Highlight —> ivvkr

But first I would like to share my very own Paris experience.


Public Transport
If you are in Paris or planning to visit this wonderful city, I would highly recommend you to use the public transport. This is the best way to get to know the vibe of this city and feel like a real Parisian. In addition to this, you can easily reach the sightseeing spots by public transport and it is, of course, cheaper like this. One ticket for the subway e.g. costs approximately € 1,70, which is a fair price.

Food, drinks etc.
When people think of Paris they probably think of cheese, baguettes, croissants and so on…And I have to agree, the food in Paris great. A nice idea would be to visit a local supermarket and buy some cheese, fruits, and wine and just enjoy a picnic in front of the Eiffel tower or at the Pont Alexandre III. If you wanna visit a Restaurant you can find plenty of them near the Eiffel tower or you download the TripAdvisor App and check some Restaurants near you.


So, now one of my personal highlights in Paris. I have to admit this Museum impressed me a lot. It is the best Museum I have visited so far. It offers a wide ranch of paintings (215 works), Sculptures (83 works), Egyptian Antiquities (207 works) and many more. I am a huge fan of different cultures and history and I literally spent the whole day in this Museum to cover all departments. I bought my Ticket online on for approximately 17,-, and I highly recommend to book your Tickets for different activities before your trip.

Palais de Versailles

When I planned my Paris trip, the Palace of Versailles was already on my list. I really wanted to see this incredible Palace in real life and I am so glad I did. To come to the Palace you need to take a bus for approximately half an hour because the Palace is not located in Paris, it is located in the neighbouring city called Versailles. But first some Information. The Palace of Versailles is one of Europes biggest Palaces and was the main residence of the Royal Family until the French revolution took place from 1789 on. Moreover, the Palace is marvellous and a must see when in Versailles.

Disneyland Paris

Last but not least, my childhood dream. Since I can think I always wanted to visit Disneyland in Paris. My first reaction to it was that I felt like a little kid again, I was surrounded by little girls wearing their favourite princess dress. The park is really incredible, I was overwhelmed by all the colours and impressions. If you plan on going to Disneyland you should definitely stay until midnight. The midnight show was an experience I could never forget. I just have to say that Disneyland is not only for children. It is an experience for the young and old and definitely worth it.


Albertina Museum

Willkommen in einem der bedeutendsten Museen der Welt! Einige der berühmtesten Werke der Kunstgeschichte sind im Albertina Museum in Wien zu Hause.

In dem folgenden Beitrag möchte ich euch das Museum ein Stück näher bringen.

Die Albertina bietet einen Einblick in die Kunstrichtungen der letzten 130 Jahre dar. Es ist auf jeden Fall spannend zu sehen, wie sich die Stile von Künstler zu Künstler unterscheiden, zudem spielt die Epoche eine wichtige Rolle, da der Stil davon ebenfalls beeinflusst wurde. Zu bewundern gibt es Gemälde von Beckmann, Picasso & Co.

Ebenfalls nicht zu verpassen sind die Habsburgischen Prunkräume. Die zum Teil mit originalen Möbeln eingerichteten Räume erstrahlen in leuchtendem Gelb, Grün und Türkis tönen.

Nun zu den Preisen: Bis zum 26. Lebensjahr zahlen Studierende einen Preis von 8, 50 😁, Erwachsene zahlen da schon etwas mehr mit 12,90. Wie in meinem vorigen Post über das Weltmusem ist es auch durchaus nützlich einen Kulturpass zu besitzen, da auch hier der Eintritt mit dem Pass um sonst ist.😊